Have fun with fabric paint – Update your wardrobe and your decor

Have fun with fabric paint and

Of all the arts and crafts supplies online and in-store, fabric paint and fabric markers not only provide hours of fun but are an easy upcycling solution to customize your wardrobe and update your home’s soft furnishings. Fabric painting offers you endless possibilities to create bespoke tablescaping ideas, decorative soft furnishings and wearable art. 

From bed linen, tablecloths, napkins and cushion covers to Tees, hoodies, denim, totes and shoes, the purists will tell you that fabric painting should only be attempted on 100% cotton items. But fabric that is made of at least 50% natural fibres will ensure that the fabric paint adheres and remains durable. 

So choose your item and get painting! 

Before you start painting

Just before you unleash your creativity with fabric paint or dual-tipped textile markers, always pre-wash the item (without using softener). This is a vital step in preventing shrinkage as well as removing any manufacturing chemicals that might interfere with the paint adhering of the fabric. (If you are not sure the fabric needs pre-washing, drop some water on the garment – if it sinks in, so should the paint). 

Let’s get fabric painting

Fabric painting comes with no age restriction and has no limitations. From kids to adults, the fun and options are endless. For bigger projects, fabric paint pots and brushes are your go-to for inspiration, but for smaller designs and patterns, the vibrant versatility of fabric paint markers are likely to become your next obsession and spark your fabric doodling imagination. 

Go ahead and add fabric paint markers to your art supplies stash today! 

Get creative with fabric paint markers

If you, as a crafter, lack the confidence to tackle a free hand fabric painting project, then stencils and stamps are your art and crafting BFFs. Simply add fabric paint to the stamp and get stamping – on the tablecloth, curtains or T-shirt – or use a stencil to guide your designs and creative juices. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Tip: Place an old towel or piece of card beneath the surface of the fabric or between the layers of a T-shirt or hoodie when painting, drawing, stamping or stencilling with fabric paints or textile markers. This will prevent the colours from bleeding through onto your heirloom antique table or the back of a T-shirt. 

After you’ve painted

The advantage of sourcing good quality fabric paints and fabric markers is that they are colourfast and your designs will be durable. 

Fabric painting tips

To set a fabric painting design, always allow the paint to air dry for 24 hours. (Some fabric paint brands will require less time). Then you just need to add some heat – with an iron (no steam). You can either iron on the wrong side of the fabric to prevent some of the colours from rubbing off onto the surface of the iron. Otherwise,  use a piece of cloth if ironing on the right side. 

Once your design is set, ideally wait 4-5 days for the first wash – at 40 degrees celsius. 

Updating your wardrobe or home soft furnishings is as easy as adding fabric paint and textile markers to your art supplies kit. And if you want to add texture to your one-of-a-kind fabric painting project, just and some mixed media flair with embroidery stitching, ribbons, beaded or jewelled embellishments or fabric tassels.

Indulging your inner artist, finding your muse and sourcing all your fabric paint art supplies start online at a leading arts and crafts store.  

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