Find Your Creative Muse with Art Supplies Online

Find your creative muse with online art supplies

From a trained master artist to a self-taught novice, art is something we cannot live without. Pablo Picasso said it best, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  The creative expression of paint on canvas is a satisfying pursuit, no matter your style, medium of preference or level of expertise. And any artist’s creative journey begins with the convenience of purchasing art supplies online.

Painting – with oils, watercolours or acrylics – requires specialised tools and art materials. Most artists do not have an art store on every corner, making an online art supplies shop a quintessential player in every artist’s journey. 

“Art is one of those things we simply must do so that our spirits may grow” -Colleen Sgroi

Your growth as an artist relies on the opportunity to experiment with different media tools and art supplies. Browsing art supplies online is one of the best ways to get inspired and be selective and discerning. 

Starter checklist for buying art supplies online

If you are just starting out or if you are a seasoned artist with a private studio, there are basic art materials that are staples.   

Starter checklist for every artist:

  • Medium: The type of paint you choose – oils, acrylics, watercolours or spray paint – is going to determine the rest of your art supplies. So this is your starting point. Acrylics are probably the easiest and least expensive medium for beginners, but ultimately there are no rules about which medium to use. It comes down to personal preference, budget and time with many artists experimenting across the various paint media until they find their comfort zone. 
  • Brushes: Unless you are an aspiring street artist or a “graffiti” mural artist, you are going to need paintbrushes. 
    1. For oils, you can purchase natural or synthetic brushes, but natural hog hair brushes tend to be the best because of their stiffness and they can hold more paint. 
    2. For acrylics, synthetic brushes are advised as acrylic paints have a high ph balance which tends to damage the hairs of natural brushes and strips natural brushes of their natural oils. 
    3. For watercolours, you can use natural or synthetic brushes, but natural brushes are better for controlling the paint and water. 
    4. BRUSH TIP: An artist should never compromise on quality, and so a good quality synthetic brush is always better than a poor quality, cheaper natural fibre brush. 
  • Surfaces: If your medium is oils then you will need to add a prepared canvas or prepared board to your online art supplies cart. Acrylics are flexible and can be painted on canvas, paper, wood, cardboard, metal etc. For watercolours, there are ranges of special watercolour paper – made by hand, mould-made or machine-made. 
  • Cleaning products: This only applies to oils, which require turpentine to clean your brushes. 
  • Palette: Every painter needs a flat surface on which to arrange and mix their paints. Plastic or wooden palettes are available, so take your pick. 
  • Easel: Not every artist uses an easel and they are not necessarily a must-have, but painting on an easel helps you view your work from the correct angle which also changes the perspective. An easel also gives you more freedom of movement and helps with your posture. Start with a table easel which is less expensive. 

Browsing and ordering art supplies online at a specialised store such as The Art Materials Company is the first step start to finding your creative muse and unlocking your inner artist. Your next artwork is simply a click away. 


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