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Art papers for differnt paint mediums

Which artist paper is best for which paint medium?

As you scroll through the many inspirational art materials and supplies online, your muse is interrupted by the overwhelming selection of art papers on offer. Your first step is determining the type of medium that fits your artistic personality – oils, acrylics or watercolours? From there it gets a little bit easier in determining the...

Abstract art

The Unexplained Allure of Abstract Art

The simple arrangement of swirling shapes, the soft intersection of muted shades and the mish-mash energy of vibrant colours all have an aesthetic language that makes you pause. That is the unexplained impact and allure of abstract art. It may not make sense, but it talks to you and stirs you at an emotional level....

Art supplies - coloured pencil crayons

‘Colouring in the Lines’ with Coloured Pencils – A Basic Art Supply

Over the last few years, adult colouring-in books have hit the art world with much ado. As the trend has grown, adults have rediscovered the simple pleasure of creating with coloured pencils. (The mindfulness and relaxation benefits are merely a natural byproduct of this ‘childhood’ activity). This colouring phenomenon has had us scrambling to buy...

Plein Air Painting

Get outdoors & start painting ‘Plein Air’

Let’s get straight down to business and suggest that if you haven’t yet painted en Plein Air, then you haven’t painted outdoors. Pardon our French, but ‘Plein Air,’ literally translated, is ‘outdoor painting.’ If you have lugged your easel, palette, paints, brushes, canvas and sketchbook to some idyllic outdoor location, then you are in good...