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Find your creative muse with online art supplies

Find Your Creative Muse with Art Supplies Online

From a trained master artist to a self-taught novice, art is something we cannot live without. Pablo Picasso said it best, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  The creative expression of paint on canvas is a satisfying pursuit, no matter your style, medium of preference or level of expertise. And...

We love acrylic paints

The artist ‘buzz’ around acrylic paints for beginners

For a long time, acrylic paints were viewed as the ‘poorer relative’ of oils and watercolours. But its popularity among contemporary artists has grown in leaps and bounds and acrylic paint stands on its own merits in any art supplies discussion as a legitimate and stunning medium for artists of all levels.  Compared to its...

Calligraphy art supplies

Say what you feel with calligraphy art supplies

There is definitely something romantic about the ancient art and historical nostalgia of calligraphy. To simply define it as ‘beautiful writing’ is apt as it comes from two Greek words: ‘kallos’ which means ‘beauty’ and ‘graphein’ which means ‘to write.’ The personalised and tactile experience of creating expressive, rhythmic brushstrokes and beautiful lettering with artistic...

A basic guide to art pastels with art pastels

Art pastels – A basic guide to pastel painting

Scouring art supplies online is an inspirational exercise, and a set of art pastels – with its gorgeous colour offering – is likely to motivate you to get out your art paper and start experimenting. Fun factor aside, many artists love using pastels as they are a predictable medium; what you see is what you...

Watercolours for beginners

2 Simple reasons to fall in love with watercolours

If you are a creative who loves scrolling through Instagram posts of watercolour artists whose beautiful botanicals and softly detailed illustrations inspire you and fill your Pinterest board, then today is the day to shop watercolours online and start your own visually expressive journey.   It’s really not hard to fall under the spell of watercolours...

Have fun with fabric paint and

Have fun with fabric paint – Update your wardrobe and your decor

Of all the arts and crafts supplies online and in-store, fabric paint and fabric markers not only provide hours of fun but are an easy upcycling solution to customize your wardrobe and update your home’s soft furnishings. Fabric painting offers you endless possibilities to create bespoke tablescaping ideas, decorative soft furnishings and wearable art.  From...

Art materials for beginners

Basic art supplies & tips for beginners

You’ve watched the art tutorials, signed up for the free webinars, created a Pinterest board and inspirational art ads are conveniently popping up on your FB and IG feeds. You cannot wait to get started. But then you go online for beginner art supplies and quickly feel deflated as you are not sure what you...